Sports & Technology: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (Part 1)

November 30, 2017
November 30, 2017 Brett Olayos

A Blog Series on the Relationship Between Sports and Tech

After watching Thursday Night Football a few weeks ago between the Steelers and Titans, I came to the realization that the skycam is the viewing angle of the future for the National Football League. This new “Madden” angle, as millennials are calling it, has given millions of Americans even more reason to scream “HE’S WIDE OPEN!” at the television screen.

(Video Courtesy: NFL)

The simple fact that a change in view can completely revolutionize the way a fan watches a football game is a sign that, unlike the instant replay system, technology can have a positive impact on sports as we know them. I want to start seeing umpires with go pros attached to their head giving me a live feed of what they’re seeing behind the plate, I want to see glowing hockey pucks on the ice so we know what the hell is actually going on out there (Glowing Puck Video), and I want Lebron James mic’d up at all times so I can hear every complaint that comes out of his mouth. This is what the people want! Everything around us has advanced technologically and I think it’s time for sports to catch up.

This is the beginning of a year long series we will be doing on the relationship between sports and technology. If you see any new technological advancements in sports that may have caught your eye let us know on Twitter @HighandOutside_


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  1. Ricky Grand

    Love the sky cam but can not stand what instant replay has done to almost every major sport.

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