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August 27, 2017
August 27, 2017 Brett Olayos

Sports today are a reflection of our generation. Just like our ramen noodles we want everything instantly. We don’t care about the actual game but we do care about the instant update we get on our phone telling us that Stanton just hit another homerun. We didn’t see the game but we saw the quick video clip and that’s enough for us. We want complete excitement throughout and if we’re not getting our instant gratification, we get bored and look for a new outlet. Some of you reading this right now might have already gotten too bored because you’re not looking at a video so I’ll throw in a clip of Aaron Judge hitting an absolute moonshot.

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Hopefully that video gave you the excitement you needed to keep reading. If you’re still with me we’re moving on to our next point in this topic and it’s the fact that regardless of Mayweather winning, boxing is dead. Why would we ever watch another boxing match after Mayweather vs McGregor. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great fight but was it worth a hundred bucks? Absolutely not. This generation needs the knockout, the violence and the excitement not a TKO!

Boxing is missing exactly what MMA and the UFC gives us. It’s not the millennials fault, it’s just the simple fact that if Mayweather stepped into the octagon the overall excitement would have skyrocketed far passed what the boxing match had to offer. With this being said, the UFC isn’t perfect either. Just like any other sport, there needs to be someone to really get behind and all they have is Conor McGregor and Jon Jones who can’t stay off the weeeeeeddd (and steroids).


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Combat sports like boxing and the UFC are not the only sporting events that rely on a sense of overall ‘fandom.’ Many of our major sports have the same problems to worry about in this new generation of sports. How the hell am I supposed to be a fan of Aaron Judge when I have to constantly wonder if he’ll be on the Red Sox next year because they offered him an extra million dollars?! Imagine if Magic went to the Celtics to win an extra ring or Larry Bird went to the Lakers for more money. That 30 for 30 would have sucked! Guys like Magic and Larry made sports what they are today and they created cultures of ‘fandom’ in both Boston and LA that we just do not have anymore. The NFL and the NHL are truly the only leagues that have somewhat stood the ‘fandom’ test of time but I’ll save that conversation for another time. In the meantime here’s another bomb from Judge.

(via: MLB)

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