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August 24, 2017 HighandOutsideSports

High and Outside is a place where sports are shown through more than just the box score. We look to provide stories around the sports world that give viewers a look into the human interest side of sports both good and bad.

The ‘good’ side will be shown through “High and Outside” while the ‘bad’ side will be shown through a secondary segment called “Low and in the Dirt.” An example of a “Low and in the Dirt” story was actually on display a few days ago when a coach in the Little League World Series did not put in one of his weaker players causing the team to forfeit (they lost anyway).

The coach was warned by the umpire with 2 outs in the 6th inning (last inning) and the umpire says you have a kid that hasn’t played yet. It’s a little league rule that each kid has to play in the field for one inning and get one at bat. The coach still doesn’t put him in. If they lose it doesn’t matter because they’ll be eliminated. Meanwhile they keep showing this kids face in the dugout every 5 minutes.

ESPN later talks to the little league officials who are upset with the coach. The coach comes out and says, to further fuel the fire, “I tried to put him up in the 4th but he wouldn’t go hit so I didn’t want to put him in as the last out.” This was even more embarrassing to the kid. The ESPN announcer then comes on screen and says “come on guys this is just little league.” Very ironic because here is ESPN glorifying little league and not treating it as if it’s just little league at all.

So now that you have a feel for what this site has to offer, sit back, relax, and enjoy our takes on the wide world of sports. And please feel free to post your own takes in our comment section and we will feature the ‘Take of the Week’ on our social media pages and website!

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