The Golden Knights Are For Real.

April 28, 2018
Posted in Hockey
April 28, 2018 Andrew Falce

Why is it that we haven’t heard anything about these Knights of Vegas?

It’s the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and I haven’t heard a single peep about the boys in Vegas. The Golden Knights won their Round 1 series against The Kings. If you know hockey, you know The Kings have been one of the better teams in the NHL for the past couple of years, and they were a hungry team hunting for their 3rd Stanley Cup victory, following their 2013-2014 Championship season.

Now The Knights did not only beat the Kings in their series, but they also did it with ease. They swept the Kings 4-0, with their first game a lucky 1-0 win. Both goalies were perfect. Shea Theodore was able to sneak a quick wrister by Jonathan Quick. Game 2, another one point game, 2-1 Knights. Game 3 was a little more sloppy for both goalies, with Fleury giving up 2 and Quick giving up 3. And Game 4, once again, another one point victory 1-0 Knights.

The Kings fought, keeping each game close, with Game 2 going into double OT. I just didn’t think The Kings were able to keep up with this young talented team. The speed in each game was tremendous. Fast paced hockey is the best kind of hockey, and The Knights are doing it right. Time for The Kings to make a change, looks like it’s time for you to leave Drew Doughty.

Game 1 of the second round and were already seeing them kill the Sharks. The battle for the Pacific has begun, and I think the Knights are here to take it.

Most of these guys are dump offs, guys that teams just said “That’s it, we’re through with you,” or “We want someone else,” or they’re just young players coming straight out of college. With a seasoned goalie like Fleury, and a group of guys looking to grab the spot light and be the team star, you end up getting a team of stars. These guys play so well together. It’s like these misfit toys were meant to rally in Vegas. They’re number 1 in the Pacific Division and were running first in the league for a good portion of their first season as the franchise. They made history.

The Golden Knights have become the best expansion team in all of Pro Sports History. The runner up is The Los Angeles Angels in 1961 with a score differential of -0.3. The Knights have a +1.3. I’d love to see these guys pull it off, who knows what it would do to all of professional sports. Maybe more expansion teams will want to start in different places around the US and maybe more in Canada. Could we see The Whalers back in Hartford, CT in 2020? What about the Raiders in Vegas, does this put them on the spot?

Just remember, The Golden Knights are just a bunch of misfit toys that came together because they didn’t want to stop playing hockey. And they’re pushing to be the first expansion team in history to win a championship in their first year of existence. My money is on The Knights.