Fantasy Football Ultimate Guide (Week 14)

December 6, 2017
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December 6, 2017 Brett Olayos

High & Outside: Fantasy Football Must-Starts (Week 14):

QB: Russell Wilson

Even when Russ throws a few picks he still ends up throwing for multiple TDs and rushing for at least one so he is our pick at QB from here on out. Low risk, very high reward.

RB: Kareem Hunt

Kareem made a name for himself in the first half of the year but has remained quiet for the majority of the second half. We expect him to break out and find the end zone at least once this week against the horrible Oakland Raiders.

WR: Demaryius Thomas

Yes, we know Trevor Siemian is the one slinging the rock but the Jets defense just isn’t as good as everyone thinks it is. With that being said, Demaryius is definitely Siemian’s #1 target especially with Emmanuel Sanders having a down year.

TE: Evan Engram

The Giants don’t have much firepower on offense after injuries have plagued them for the majority of the year so we expect Engram and Sterling Shepard to see the majority of the targets on Sunday.

FLEX: Alvin Kamara

We are going to leave this man in the Flex position for the rest of the year (5th week in a row). Kamara is a beast and quite possibly one of the most athletic, versatile athletes in the entire National Football League right up there with Tyreek Hill. He is a human highlight reel and Sean Payton has proven that he knows exactly when and how to use this weapon whether it be running the ball or catching it.

DEFENSE: Baltimore Ravens

This defense has been scorching hot in the second half of the year and the Steelers have been a bit shaky against good defenses so expect the Ravens to create a few turnovers and maybe even pull out a victory.

KICKER: Matt Bryant

This game is going to be fun to watch. Usually when everyone expects a shootout we get the exact opposite so expect the Falcons and Saints defenses to step up and hold each other to a few field goals in this one.

RISK OF THE WEEK: Christian McCaffrey

The Vikings defense shuts down dink and dunk offenses like no other and the dink and dunk is exactly how McCaffrey has made his name in the NFL this year. Very high risk to play McCaffrey this week.

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