Fantasy Football Ultimate Guide (Week 11)

November 16, 2017
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November 16, 2017 Brett Olayos

High & Outside: Fantasy Football Must-Starts (Week 11):

QB: Russell Wilson

Russ is a fantasy beast, not just throwing the ball but also running it, and we expect him to throw for a couple TDs and maybe even sneak one in. Big fantasy points for Russ this week.

RB: LeSean McCoy

Yes we picked him last week and yes he only had an average week but trust us, this man is going to put up HUGE numbers this week against the weak run defense of the Chargers

WR: Keenan Allen

Break out time for Keenan Allen. Phillip Rivers has found a rhythm and Keenan Allen has become his go to guy.

TE: Ricky Seals-Jones

Yes you read that right; Ricky Seals-Jones is our pick for tight end this week and for good reason. Teams have found a hole in the Texans defense that tight ends just seem to fill. Ricky is the next man up for Arizona so we are going to take a big risk and start him this week.

FLEX: Alvin Kamara

We are going to leave this man in the Flex position for the rest of the year. Kamara is a beast and quite possibly one of the most athletic, versatile athletes in the entire National Football League right up there with Tyreek Hill. He is a human highlight reel and Sean Payton has proven that he knows exactly when and how to use this weapon whether it be running the ball or catching it.

DEFENSE: Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are a strange team to watch this year but their defense has been a force to be reckon with. Some weeks they lose by 20 and others they’ve pitched a shut out defensively while putting up huge numbers on offense.

KICKER: Wil Lutz

Lutz has been one of the most consistent kickers in the league and the Saints have been ON FIRE. He’s going to get plenty of opportunities to kick the football this week.

RISK OF THE WEEK: Leonard Fournette

Fournette said in an interview earlier this week that he does not like to play in the cold… It’s going to be snowing in Cleveland so stay away from Leonard in Week 11.

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